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Migraine Treatment Using Topirmate

migrainphoto2People suffering from migraines are really upset by the devastating and ever changing cycle of throbbing headaches. But they can heave a sigh of relief now that there are some new possibilities emerging, to benefit them.

Leading neurologists say that they can aim to reduce the pain caused by cluster headaches and migraine by presenting two separate techniques, viz:
It has been proved that topiramate drastically diminishes the intensity of chronic migraine attacks
Cluster headaches, or suicide headaches, as they are commonly known, can be cured by implanting a small electrical device in the head

The Symposium shall present the details of these two separate research studies. A small number of patients were tried using a placebo while 365 patients were tried using the active line of treatment. Out of these 365 patients, around 80 of them reported to have their headaches reduced by more than half. Unfortunately, none of the patients who were treated using a placebo experienced any improvement in their condition.

Even Occipital Nerve Stimulation (ONS), the study involving implanting an electrical device in the head of those suffering from chronic headaches was appreciated and encouraging. Using this treatment greatly reduced the intensity and frequency of headaches in patients. Some even experienced a disappearance of their cluster headaches completely.

The chairperson of Migraine Trust International Symposium, Mr. Goadsby encourages the use of these innovations for patients suffering from chronic migraine and cluster headaches.

He says that these findings are a major breakthrough in the field of medicine in the subject of migraine and cluster headaches. Empathising with the pain and suffering of these patients, he adds that the most important goal is to eliminate their suffering using these studies and research. He hence, advocates the usage of topiramate in such scenarios

This study of Occipital Nerve Stimulation, although sounds revolutionary in the debilitating world of cluster headaches, it will surely be a boon to those who have been suffering from this condition.

They say that in a step to fight against such deadly attacks, they hope to get these treatments available to the common man as soon as they can.

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