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Botox treatment for migraine approved in US

otoBotox treatment for migraine headaches has been approved in the U.S. Allergan, Inc. received approval to market its Botox as a relief for migraine headaches. The move will, no doubt, as much as double the currents sales of Allergan’s Botox formula.

Botox was approved for migraine headache use as far back as July, here in the UK. Allergan believes that having the drug cleared in the two markets will soon open the gates for approval all over Europe and, as well, open the floodgates for profit.

Botox, which produced slightly over $1 billion in total sales as a wrinkle reducer, will probably bring in about another $1 billion USD as a migraine treatment.

Allergan Inc. stock shot up in value in the wake of the approval, and with the anticipation of the rest of the European market falling into place, Allergan’s future looks bright.

Surprisingly enough, no one spoke much on the effectiveness of Botox as a migraine treatment, but rather addressed the fact that this is the product’s biggest expansion since it was sanctioned for cosmetic use.

The facts surrounding Botox as a therapy for migraine headaches seem to indicate that it works a bit better than a placebo. Studies have shown that Botox reduced any sort of headache in patients who suffered chronic migraines by almost nine days per month, while patients receiving a placebo had headaches almost seven less days per month.

Botox treatment for migraines requires injections of the drug at the head and at the neck. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) said that Botox does not appear to be effective for any other type of headache pain and only works for those suffering migraines at least fifteen days per month.

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