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Botox And surgery For Migraine

botox-and-surgery-for-migraineDenise Richardson suffered from terrible migraines for fifteen years. These migraines were triggered by a combination of stress and tiredness and during the worst part times of her suffering; she had a migraine attack once every couple of days.

Last year she had a three week long migraines which were so bad that she had to consult her doctor on multiple occasions. The doctor prescribed numerous painkillers, osteopathy and physiotherapy but nothing could seem to rid her of the problem.

However, in the waiting room at her local surgery, she found a magazine with an article about a new cure for migraine sufferers; the controversial Botox injection followed up by surgery.

This controversial technique is one that many experts are sceptical about and one prominent neurologist in the UK has advised patients to avoid it.

In spite of this, Denise was recommended this by a Berlin plastic surgeon in Germany where she resides. The following week she took the Botox injection and followed it up by keeping a diary of its effects for the next two months.

She reported that after the treatment, pain dramatically decreased between three to eight weeks afterwards. She was then informed that she was eligible to have surgery and had the muscle removed in December. Since then she has not suffered one single migraine.

There are some six-million people in the UK who suffer from serious migraines and an expert in the subject has said that approximately half of these people could benefit from the treatment.

Although Denise’s initial consultation was free, the Botox test cost her £320 ($459) and the surgery cost £2780. ($4000)
The treatment has never been available before in the UK although in the US, it was reviewed during a small trial.

By contrast, in Germany, doctors have reported positive results in their operations but have been hasty in stressing that about half of the patients would not be eligible for such treatment.

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