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Teen girls should not be smoking robots

aaa222Have you ever heard a robotic voice in a movie or television show that sounds futuristic and cool?  While it may sound great on television, take a minute and think about if that robotic voice were yours.  It is not likely that the same pleasure you get from watching it on television would be replicated if you had to walk around talking in that manner all day.

In fact, it would be downright embarrassing most likely.  However, if you start smoking at a young age by the time you are in your fifties or sixties that may be your voice since you will need your voice box removed because of throat diseases caused by smoking.

Want to know what else is embarrassing about smoking?  Everywhere you go you will smell, and not in a pleasant way because it is impossible to cover up smoke.  Even if you spray on cologne or perfume you will still smell like smoke and it will be in your mouth, on your hair, and on your body and clothes which is not exactly desirable.

It gets worse, because you will also have yellow teeth and yellow hands, and these symptoms show up within the first few months of smoking.  In other words, although your friends may tell you that it’s cool to smoke, when you get right down to it there is not much that is cool about smoking at all, but there are plenty of things that are embarrassing

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