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Solzira in Treatment Of Migraine and Restless Leg Syndrome RLS

solzira-in-treatment-of-migraine-and-restless-leg-syndrome-rlsSolzira or gabapentin enacarbil is a new drug that is being researched and tested by the Food and Drugs Administration, FDA. It is targeted to treat moderate and severe cases of Restless Legs Syndrome.

It is a designed to work efficiently due to its high transport mechanism in the intestine where it will be easily absorbed. The chemical entity responsible for the improvement of gabapentin so as to improve its efficacy is known as Solzira.

Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS is a neurological condition that is commonly found in many people. It might occur in a mild or severe form. Symptoms of RLS include; painful or unpleasant sensations in the legs; this can be disturbing as a patient might not able to focus on daily activities as a result of the condition. These symptoms might get worse when the patient is resting and are often relieved when the patient moves around.

The company that came up with the drug has been focusing on developing drugs that use natural body’s nutrients transport mechanism to improve how existing drugs perform their function. The drug is a result of collaboration efforts of XenoPort, Inc., GSK, and Astellas.

Other drugs that are being studied by XenoPort, Inc. include treatments for migraines headaches, reflux disease, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and acute back problems.

Improvement on drugs that treat and relieve conditions in migraines will be a positive step for many patients. Migraines are painful and can render a person inactive as a result of the pain associated with the condition. There is need for drugs that are safe, effective and work fast to bring relief to the condition. Drugs should also be designed to treat migraines while exhibiting minimal cases of side effects.

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