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New study on ibuprofen and migraine released

New study on ibuprofen and migraine releasedIf you suffer from migraine headaches, you might want to treat yourself with some ibuprofen, according to a recent study. The study was conducted in order to attempt to gain a better perspective on how helpful ibuprofen is to migraine sufferers.

The results from nine tests with almost 4000 participants were studied and the conclusion was that ibuprofen is an effective pain relief treatment, in the proper dosage, for people experiencing migraine headache pain.

The results concluded that 26 per cent of the test participants who took 400-miligrams of ibuprofen experienced relief of their pain in about 2 hours. Only 20 per cent of the test participants who took a smaller dose of 200-miligrams experienced the same relief, and just 11 per cent of those receiving a placebo said their pain was reduced within 2 hours.

Out of the test participants who received relief from the dose of 400-miligrams, 57 per cent stated that their pain had been diminished from severe to mild, as opposed to 25 per cent who had claimed relief from the placebo.

This could be good news for many migraine pain sufferers, as ibuprofen is a fairly inexpensive and easily accessible drug. The study was conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration, which studies and evaluates research in medicine.

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