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Migraines Can Be Prevented By Topiramate In Children

migraines-can-be-prevented-by-topiramate-in-childrenThe journal of Pediatrics reported that use of Topiramate might be effective in treating and relieving symptoms associated with migraines in teenagers. Topiramate is known to be safe for children in the age of twelve to seventeen years old. The drug is approved by FDA for use in adults to treat migraine prophylaxis. However, there is no drug approved that can be used in a similar condition by teenagers.

A study was conducted into the efficacy of Topiramate. The research used 106 patients between twelve to seventeen years old. The study sought to establish the effectiveness and safety of the drug in children when treating migraine prophylaxis.

50 milligrams/day and 100milligrams/day dosages were administered on patients. Findings into the study showed that the higher dose of the drug reduced monthly migraine attacks from an average of 4.3 to 1.3 attacks. The lower dose recorded an average decrease from 4.1 to 2.3 attacks per month, which was similar to the group that was given placebos.

It was noted that 83 percent improvement was noted in the higher dose of 100milligrams/day whereas the 50milligrams/day followed at 46percent, the group on placebo responded at 46 percent. Adverse effects were recorded in both Topiramate groups where three quarters cases were recorded. The effects were dizziness, paresthesia, and upper respiratory tract infection.

There were no significant findings in the analysis into the safety of Topiramate in children. The conclusion of the research was that 100milligrams/day Topiramate showed a high level of efficacy in preventing migraines in children, this was recorded at 83 percent.

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