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Got a Headache? Take a Pill Sooner Rather Than Later

Got a Headache Take a Pill Sooner Rather Than LaterA new study reveals that on average, each woman now experiences a debilitating 56 bouts of common aches and pains every year with men closely behind on 41 bouts – that’s more than one a week! From headaches, backaches and sports injuries to hangovers, period pain and toothache, adults now suffer from 2.3 billion episodes of pain every year.

This is becoming more and more prevalent amongst women who seemingly want to have and do it all. We also know that men are notoriously stubborn when it comes to tackling medical conditions, no matter how small.”

Commissioned by Nurofen Express, the study also found that despite this increasing frequency of suffering, over 13 million women could be suffering from pain unnecessarily as many of them are not administering pain relief quickly enough. 87% of women do not take a painkiller as soon as the pain occurs – the optimum time for taking an analgesic. Interestingly, nearly all men (89%) also don’t take a painkiller as soon as the pain occurs, preferring to play caveman and deal with the pain.

Waiting before treating pain by even a couple of hours equates to over 97 hours of unnecessary agony per person each year, causing adults to miss out on activities with friends, family or work. Whether it’s being irritable with partners and children, underperforming at work or missing out on a night with the girls or boys, this undertreated pain is leaving people in ‘pain limbo’ on a regular basis.

Whilst it is very difficult to totally avoid pain, the key to optimum pain relief is to properly manage it when it does arrive. There’s a lot of research suggesting that if you treat early you have a better chance of getting rid of the headache altogether.

If you’re going to need to take a treatment, your best bet is to take a fast-acting painkiller as early as possible and nip it in the bud. Of course, if you’re in any doubt, just talk to your local pharmacist.

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