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Celadrex For Migraine

migrainphoto1It is a very painful inflammation of the sinuses, or cavities that are in contact with nose and advocating that the skull is hollow. Normally, sinusitis is not only a serious complication of a cold, joining as risk factors for a deviated nasal septum, asthma, swimming and diving often, and the presence of foreign bodies in the nose. Its origin can be allergenic or infectious (virus, bacteria, fungi).


-Signs of cold, severe pain in the front, under the eyes, face and skull base.



-X-ray and ultrasound.


Taking painkillers.

Use of vasoconstrictive sprays and nasal decongestants methods in the nose.

Antibiotics (in bacterial sinusitis, to avoid occurrence of pus in the eyes, and meninges infection of a membrane over the brain and spinal chord).

Surgery (if there is formation of polyps or in very serious cases).


Those who have suffered sinusitis remember it because “it hurts, and much, as if someone had rammed a knife or a nail in the face or base of the skull, as defined as those who have suffered,”

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