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All about Excedrin as a cure for Migraine

migrainphoto11Try to visualize that every month you are surely going to get a blinding, throbbing life-disrupting migraine headache, no matter wherever you are or whatever you do. This condition is a painful truth for many of us and has affected more than millions of women during the onset of their periods, and is scientifically known as “menstruation associated migraine”.

We can now relax in peace now that there is a new over the counter drug also approved by the FDA as a relief provider for milder versions of migraine, and the name of the drug is Excedrin.

More than 60 percent of women suffering from menstruation associated migraine have reported to have benefited from the use of this drug, Excedrin, says a recent publication in Clinical Therapeutics.

Smash the migraine pain cycle
Television stars Shari Belafonte and Jackie Zeman, who are also suffering from this painful cycle, have come together with Excedrin in order to generate a consciousness of such type of migraine and to create an awareness of early recognition of its symptoms.

In spits of suffering to the core from menstruating-associated migraine, most of the women do not realize that migraine is the only main cause of their monthly blinding headaches.

Unspoken Victims – Unleashing the beast

Anecdotal patient research claims that women, with the fear of being undermined as weak, generally try to avoid thinking a cure for their migraine. Even worse are those who suffer from menstruation associated migraines.

Dr. Diamond says that the main objective of their drive is to make women open up about their migraine attacks. He wants to make women aware of the fact that they need a doctor badly if they are experiencing frequent attacks, more so if during menstruation.

Shari Belafonte supports by saying that it helps women get solutions for their migraine if they are more vocal about it.

Of Migraines and Women
Migraine has, annually, been taking toll of quality lives of women in the world. Shockingly, more than 10 percent women suffer from migraines and yet, haven’t unearthed the symptoms to it.
Migraine usually commences during when puberty strikes. It reaches its peak in the ages of 30 to 40 years, and then slowly starts diminishing by the age of 50.
Women are three times more susceptible to migraine than men.

People resort to a range of ways to cure their headache. The long list includes self-hypnosis, bio-feedback, and relaxation therapies. They also take help of over the counter drugs and pain relievers.

With the launch of Excedrin, the Bristol Myers Squibb has been in the news lately. It is the first ever over the counter medication to have been approved by the FDA for migraine cure. It is proven to be clinically safe and very helpful in providing relief to mild migraine attacks.

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