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Cluster Headaches Prevention

cluster-headaches-preventionA few medicines are targeted to prevent headaches. These are used during the cluster headache period and stopped during the remission.

These drugs prevent the pain by intercepting the nervous stimulus generated during the cluster headache and altering it so the patients will stop having the headaches.

But in case of chronic clusters, the effects of these medicines are not known. Moreover, only a few medicines are recommended due to the side effects involved. Here are few medicines that could assist with cluster headaches.

Verapamil is a treatment normally used to treat heart diseases. The verapamil is used in higher doses to treat clusters. The mechanism by which it works is not known. But it is required to take an ECG before administering the high dose.

Steroids are also known to be effective on clusters. They are taken in the beginning of the cluster which prevents any further headaches. But it should be stopped immediately due to the side effects.

In some cases a drug like verapamil is administered along with the steroid and the steroid is stopped once the drug starts having effect on the headache.

Lithium is also used to treat chronic cluster headaches. There are side effects of using lithium which include tremor, increased urination and diarrhoea.

Adjust the doses so as to get minimum side effects. During the treatment blood samples are occasionally taken to maintain the level of lithium.

Methysergide can also be used to treat cluster headaches. But its usage should be limited as it has serious side effects.

Further research is going on to find a cure for this situation. Meanwhile these medicines and some extra care form your side like avoiding alcohol; perfumes etc could help you evade this painful situation.

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