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Migraines Related To Breast Cancer And Heart Conditions

migraines-related-to-breast-cancer-and-heart-conditionsMigraines real causes are still not a lot more than theory it is still unclear what the root causes are although it was discovered more than 4100 years ago.

People just know that it is migraine when you have throbbing pain mostly on one side of your head and that it affects women three times more than men. Also that one in seven cases exists where a blinding aura precedes an attack of migraine which lasts from half to one hour.

The main issue in zeroing out a specific set of pre-conditions and causes is that it happens due to a multitude of reasons, each different for different people. It is related sometimes with a heart disease or a stroke or perhaps even breast cancer.

However the most common causes which trigger migraines among men and women both are caffeine, cheese, exposure to glaring light, hunger, acidity, indigestion and even lack of sleep. In women, a migraine is more severs after a stressful task than during the task. In many cases, sufferers have reported to have a history of migraine in their family.

Those suffering from migraine are more likely to have a heart ailment more than a breast cancer. Those having migraine accompanied with aura are possibly reported to have a hole in the wall between the right and left atria. Its varied treatments are anticonvulsants, Botox, anti-depressants or even Beta-blockers.

Until now, people were under the belief that aura before migraine was owing to the rapid expansion and contraction of blood vessels. However, a new study reports that there is a possibility of a disorder in the central nervous system, which trigger change in blood vessels due to change in activities of nerve cells located in the brain.

It had been studied that serotonin, a chemical in the brain, is the culprit when its levels reduce during headache. It could be because the reduction in the level might be causing blood vessels to contract, in turn leading to aura. Low Dopamine and magnesium levels are also possibly involved in an attack. Specific hormonal changes monthly in women could also be trigger for migraines during their periods.

Experts at Maryland have researched that disorder in the central nervous system could get us a lot of probe in finding the exact cause of migraines.

They claim that the release of peptides during stress, usually enlarge blood vessels, which in turn causes hyper-excitation of trigeminal nerve cells. This percolates to the meninges which is the brain’s crusty covering.

Now the peptides and meninges, being sensitive to pain, it could be the cause of headaches and migraines.

They add that when the brain’s activity drooped drastically due to blood flow changes’; that is the moment when one experiences aura.

However, it is still unclear why different symptoms affect migraine differently. How can diet pattern or light or stress or lights or weather or contraceptive pills be a cause of migraines?

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