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Migraines Can Be Caused By Hot Weather

migraines-can-be-caused-by-hot-weatherA study carried out showed that exposure to hot conditions raised the chance of migraine occurring in 7000 patients that participated in the research. For every five degrees rise in temperature the risk went up by 7.5%. This was found to be true for people who didn’t suffer from the condition.

People who are prone to migraines can take some form of medication before going out in hot condition to prevent the problem. This can be done by watching out weather conditions such as temperature and air pressure.

The research involved patients attending emergency department in a period of seven years. These patients were looking for advice concerning headaches. Meteorological and pollutant monitors measured environmental factors days before and after a patient’s visit to hospital. Tests done led to the conclusion that every five degree rise in temperature increased a migraine by 7.5%.

There was no risk reported as a result of air pollution. This identified hot weather as a trigger for migraines. It is important for people to identify their triggers so that they can better prepare for the situation and avert migraines.

This information can help people who get migraines so as to adjust their work environment and daily life as migraines can render one inactive for hour or even days. It is also said that migraine is a problem associated with sensitivity. People should learn what causes about an episode and take care of themselves accordingly.

It is advisable not to rely on medication to bring relief or prevent a migraine. This can be a form of substance abuse and chances of growing dependent on medication are high.

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