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Taking Care Of Migraines

taking-care-of-migraines1Migraines can be painful and debilitating in most people, they can occur for a few hours and last for days depending on the person.

Scientists have not been successful in discovering the actual cause of migraines. But there are theories that suggest how a migraine can come about. Migraines can affect anyone but they are most common in adult women where it is thought to be as a result of hormones.

Symptoms of migraines vary from one person to another. They include intense headaches, which occur on one side, the pain can shift to different positions and it intensifies during movement or activity.

There are cases of disturbed vision, stiffness, problems in coordination and speech, sensitivity to light, sound or smell. One can experience sweating, feeling cold or hot, frequent passing of urine, and abdominal pain. Any or some of these symptoms in a person can be a sign of migraines.

Chemical changes in the brain is said to be the cause of migraines. Scientists add that hormones can be a cause of the problem especially in women. Other causes include stressful situations, anxiety, lack of sleep, intake of high calories, hot weather, allergy to certain foods, and bright lights.

Migraines can be relieved and eased by using over the counter medication. It is advisable to visit a doctor to get professional opinion. There is no cure for migraines. It is better to avoid the problem from happening by learning triggers for migraines in an individual. Such information will help identify causes and help a patient to avoid similar situations.

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