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Imigran Recovery for migraine now over the counter in the UK

Watchdog organization the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency announced that sumatriptan, better known as its brand name of Imigran Recovery, will now be available over the counter in the UK. This marks the first time that a migraine drug will be available over the counter within the UK.

The migraine drug belongs [...]

Gap junction blockers for migraine

A new category of migraine drugs referred to as gap junction blockers have been created that are meant to help millions find relieve from migraine attacks by preventing migraines from developing fully and displaying the crippling side effects.

The drugs are meant to help those who suffer from migraines regularly by changing the chemical [...]

Naratriptan for headaches

Naratriptan is a headache medication that narrows the blood vessels in the brain to help treat those that suffer from chronic headaches known as migraines that are surrounded by other side effects such as nausea and sensitivity to sound and light.

The medication will only work on a migraine that has already started and [...]

Methysergide for migraine

Methysergide is a migraine drug that is used primarily to treat vascular constriction in the head therefore helping to reduce the severity of headaches although it is not known exactly how the drug works. It is thought that methysergide helps to narrow the arteries and veins that deliver blood to the brain helping to [...]

Maxalt-MLT or Maxalt for migraine

Rizatriptan, known more commonly by the brand names of Maxalt-MLT or Maxalt, is a migraine and headache medication that causes the blood vessels in the brain to contract to help relieve pressure and pain from such attacks. The drug is also able to reduce substances that may exist in the body that cause many [...]

Major migraine treatment withdrawn

Excedrin is a migraine treatment created by Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical company. It has recently decided to withdraw the medicine from sale in South Africa after a previous withdrawal of the medication in the United States. The Federal Drug Administration in the United States, and the equivalent South African body, have made recommendations to the [...]

Cefaly and migraine

A PREMICE clinical trial has proved that Cefaly® is a medical device with great efficiency at preventing migraines and has the best safety ration when measured against the other treatments available. A press conference took place in November at the Liege Science Part and the chief investigator, Prof. Jean Schoenen, a neurologist at Leige University [...]

Migraine patch NP101 or Zelrix

NuPathe Inc.have announced that they has received a CRL, Complete Response Letter  from the U.S. FDA, Food & Drug Administration, regarding the NDA, New Drug Application  for its migraine patch NP101 or Zelrix. A CRL is only issued by the FDA’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research after a full review of an NDA has [...]

Lasmiditan for the Treatment of Acute Migraine

The privately held biopharmaceutical company  CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., have announced that is has received the clearance from the FDA, Food and Drink Administration, that  it needs to proceed with the clinical studies of Lasmiditan, which was formerly known as COL-144.

Lasmiditan is an oral tablet formulation of an NAAMA, a Neurologically Acting Anti Migraine Agent, that [...]

Midrin slowly being removed from migraine treatment

Midrin slowly being removed from migraine treatment

Many people who suffer from migraines have seen the medication Midrin and its equivalents slowly being removed from the market. They are very popular among people as a medication that is able to stop the migraine when you feel it coming on.

The reason why Midrin has been slowly [...]