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US Army looks at Traumatic brain injury and migraine

US Army looks at Traumatic brain injury and migraine

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is exactly what it sounds like: injury to the brain resulting from physical violence, whether a contact sports injury, an auto accident, a bar-room ( or living room) brawl – or any other violent scenario including, of course, armed combat. [...]

The menstrual cycle and migraine

The menstrual cycle and migraine

A large percentage of women suffer from migraine, and it is estimated that 60 to 70% of women who have migraines report that they are directly related to the menstrual cycle. If a woman is prone to migraine she is more than twice as likely to have one during [...]

Triggers that set off migraine headaches

It is possible that migraines are caused by slight changes in the brain stem and interactions that are recurring with the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is a major pathway of pain to the brain. It is also suspected that brain chemicals being imbalanced can also cause a migraine.
During a migraine attack levels of the brain [...]

Research sees massive increase in number of migraine sufferers

Research sees massive increase in number of migraine sufferers

Research that has come out of Norway has suggested that the number of people suffering for migraines over the past decade has increased. The research found that in the past ten years the number of people in Norway who have said they suffer from the condition [...]

Temporomandibular joint disorder and migraine

Temporomandibular joint disorder and migraine

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is a condition that can often present with the symptom of a headache. The TMJ is something that connects your skull with your jaw and there are several problems that it can cause. These usually occur in the muscles and joints that are surrounding it, [...]

Migraines can last from childhood to age 50

A continual headache, especially in the early years of life, can be dangerous as it could turn into a more severe type of headache known as migraine. According to neurologists, a migraine could last for more than 72 hours if left untreated and is heightened by a lack of awareness mainly among young people who [...]

Migraines and aura’s

For some people who suffer from migraines they can tell when they are going to occur because they see something called an aura. This is a visual disturbance that may appear as flashing lights or zig-zags in their field of vision. Migraines generally cause pain in one side of the brain and can cause vomiting [...]

Headaches are often dismissed by the medical community

Mild headaches can be caused by many things, such as having a stressful day or staying up too late. For most people these can be treated with an easily available and mild painkiller. For some people however, a headache is a much more serious condition. The pain can be overwhelming.

The perception of migraines and bad [...]

One in four homes have a migraine suffer

A migraine is a problem that can affect you so severely that you end up in the hospital. They can happen rarely or commonly and a recent study has estimated that in the United States, one in every four households has someone who suffers from the problem.

Most people will experience a migraine in their life, [...]

Weather may not bring on migraines

Many migraine sufferers have thought for a long time that the weather, such as thunderstorms and changes in temperature are partly responsible for their suffering. A recent study conducted in Austria seems to have disproved this theory however.

Volunteers in the country who regularly suffer from migraines were asked to keep a log of when they [...]