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The Genesis device for migraine

The Genesis device for migraine

For those who do not suffer from migraines a good way to describe them is like suffering from a terrible hangover. They rehabilitate you to the extent that you do not want to get out of bed. A study that has been conducted at St Jude’s Medical Centre found that [...]

Ontario Migraine Clinic free acupuncture offer for teachers

Acupuncture is a medical technique that has come from traditional Chinese medicine and is becoming an accepted treatment for certain conditions by the medical community. From January next year the Ontario Migraine Clinic, in Canada, will be offering teachers in the area free treatment up to the value of $300.

The clinic does not just treat [...]

New Apple application for migraine

A new application for the popular Apple platforms the iPad and iPhone has been developed by MSD (Merck Sharpe and Dohme) which will help sufferer’s of migraines. The application is called  iManageMigraine and it will allow the sufferer’s to share information about their migraines directly with their doctors.

The World Health Organisation lists migraines as one [...]

Stimpath Procedure for migraine

A new and exciting treatment for the debilitating headach known as migraine has been profiled on the 33 CW news on KDAF TV. The treatment, known as the ‘Stimpath Procedure’ was introduced by its creator, the renowned pain specialist from Dallas Texas Dr Ken Reed. Appearing on the show alongside Dr Reed was a young [...]

Different ways of dealing with migraine

Headaches occur in everyone. Normally the pain is suppressed using non-prescribed drugs obtained from the pharmacy. While the pain may be alleviated by drugs, the primary reason for the pain is not attended to and may produce unwanted symptoms.

Body utilises pain as a method of communicating problems, thereby using drugs to alleviate pain only clouds [...]

Can brain freeze cure migraines?

Everyone knows that you can get a headache from eating or drinking something very cold in a hurry, but there have been reports from migraine sufferers that downing an ice cream bar has cured a migraine almost immediately.  This is not backed by any scientific evidence, but there is a theory that the ‘brain freeze’ [...]

Study says alternative medicine for migraines may be more effective than pills

Long-term sufferers of migraines my find things like relaxation techniques, hypnosis, and bio-feedback better than pharmaceutical drugs, according to a recent study. Donald Penzien is a doctor at the Medical Center at the University of Mississippi and was one of the authors.

He talks about how even though drug-based treatment doesn’t cost much per day, the [...]

Precision-tinted glasses help with migraines

Researchers have now shown for the first time why lenses that are precision-tinted reduce headaches for those that suffer migraines potentially improving treatment options for those fighting the debilitating ailment.

Michigan State’s Jie Huang of the Department of Radiology with the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) revealed how the lenses can normalize the brain’s [...]

Weight loss surgery could cure migraines

Besides reducing someone’s weight having weight loss surgery could lead to a beneficial side effect; reducing the amount of migraine pain, suggest a new study. The surgery decreased, among severely obese participants, the frequency and severity of migraines.

Nearly 50% of those that participated saw over a 50% reduction or greater in the number of times [...]

US Government finally approves Botox for migraine

The US Government finally approved Botox as a drug for treating those with migraines this after doctors for years had been prescribing it and Good Housekeeping Magazine Executive Editor Jenny Cook calls it great news for those with the condition and for consumers in general.

Insurance companies will be more likely to pay for treatment now [...]