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What Are The Symptoms Of Migraine

what-are-the-symptoms-of-migraineThe headaches, being the main symptom of migraines can be extremely severe, so much so that they can actually be quite debilitating.

Alongside the headaches there may be other symptoms including vomiting, nausea and a hypersensitivity to sound and light. These symptoms can last for days in which sufferers may become completely dysfunctional.

The symptoms make it easy to tell if you are suffering from a migraine rather than any other kind of ailment. The symptoms general include moderate to severe pain on a certain side of the head, but it can be possible to experience pain on both sides of the head.

The type of pain usually includes throbbing or pulsating sensations which will intensify during any kind of physical activity. Regular daily tasks then become interrupted by the pain and nausea or vomiting may follow, including increased sensitivity to sound and light.

If nothing is done to help alleviate the problem, it may last up to three days. Some sufferers are particularly unfortunate and may experience migraine attacks up to several times a month. Others may have migraine attacks only once or twice per year.

While some migraines come with auras, others may not experience this. These auras occur before the actual migraine attack and may last up to half an hour before the headache itself starts.

These auras vary amongst different individuals with some patients describing sparkling flashes of light or dazzling lines in their vision. Others even report experiencing blind spots in certain areas of their vision.

Tingling sensations in one or more of the limbs may also accompany this including numbness. Rarely, people suffering from these auras may even feel entirely weakened and can even find that they have a difficulty in speech.

Because of the onset of these auras, some patients can tell when a migraine attack is coming on, having experienced a type of premonition. Some even experience feelings of increased energy and / or a craving for something (such as sweets for example) or may become thirsty or hungry.

Others experience depression just before the onset of a migraine but this is not so common. Most people who suffer from migraines do now experience any kind of auras or premonitions.

Although not usually lasting a long time, children can also experience migraines and report dizzy and lightheaded feelings with the onset of pain. Others even experience migraines but without the headache which is the most common symptom that migraines are best known for.

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