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Dealing With A Tension Migraine

dealing-with-a-tension-migraineMigraines related to tension are far more common to take place in the middle of the day than the night or any other time of day.

This is because you are more likely to experience stress at this time of day since you are active and not surrounded by the comforts and familiarity of your home. Regardless of what the trigger is, tension migraines are all ultimately caused by stress.

The body reacts to stress in a number of ways. One of these symptoms is the neck starting to feel tense and that is where such migraines begin.

The shoulder and neck muscles, if they get tense, will serve to restrict the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain and trying to relax yourself and take breathing exercises can provide some relief for the symptoms of a tension migraine.

When a sufferer feels a tension migraine about to begin, they should lean the head right back and breath deeply. With the head back, the muscles of the neck and the upper shoulder will be more relaxed and the blood flow to the brain will not be so restricted as it would otherwise.

Stress naturally causes the sufferer to clench the fists, put the head down with the shoulders and neck contracted, have tightness in the expression and tighten their chests. All of these factors contribute directly to the onset of a tension migraine.

People who are happy and content and enjoying themselves will be far more relaxed, breathing easier and have the muscles of their body more relaxed, appearing more loose and calm.

The key to avoiding tension migraines is to control the natural reactions of the body that are the triggers that bring on the pain in the first place. By controlling these reactions when you feel that a tension migraine is coming, you will be able to alleviate at least some of the pain and make it pass more quickly.

Stretching exercises can also help if you have difficulty trying to relax on purpose. Losing the physical tension of the body is essential in preventing the migraine from coming.

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