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Painkillers Can Cause Migraines

painkillers-can-cause-migrainesThere are almost 30 million Americans are suffering from migraine problems. The problem is so common that they are called by migraineurs. Lack of sleep, and over stressing are the most responsible causes of migraine problems.

The head throbs, usually on one side, anywhere from a few hours to three days. Nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are common. Moving makes it worse. Some people can sense them coming with visual disturbances like seeing pinpoints of light, although lacking that classic “aura” doesn’t mean you don’t have a migraine.

It’s very important to know that how to treat migraine properly.

You should always take right migraine preventing medicine rather than taking painkillers which are bad for health.

Pain killers are good to stop the migraine pain instantly but taking too many of them can cause a serious danger to your health.

Over taking the painkillers can make the migraine more critical and make you addicted as you take more to try to combat the rising pain. And as a result you would require more pain medicine in a spiraling vicious circle. There is a big possibility of growing chronic back pain from it.

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