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The Use Of Magnets For Headaches

use-of-magnets-for-headachesA new study has claimed that bursts of migraine also can be easily avoided in its nascent stages itself using a magnetic device, which is primarily used to heal depressions and seizures.

This device, scientifically known as the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device (TMS) is approximately the size of a hair dryer. According to a research conducted by the American Headache Society, this device was found to obstruct the progress of a migraine attack.

This research was financed by a California resident, NeuraLieve, who has invented this device. A whopping 29 millions of American have reported to suffer from migraine and most of them suffer from migraine accompanied by an aura, wherein you experience a change in your vision just before the bout of pain commences.

Many scientists are of the belief that migraine is triggered by a hyper-excitability in one of the nerve cells, which then leads to its malfunction and fatigue. These phases somehow seem to connect with the symptoms of an aura.

The principal investigator of this research, Dr. Yousuf Mohammad, who is also a Professor of Neurology at the Ohio State University, explains that this slowly spreads all in the brain and causes a throbbing headache. He also adds that we can interrupt the flow to the entire brain if we can by a couple of pulses of magnetic stimulation.

This device, used in the research was approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration Department. It has a metal coil through which it passes electric current, thus creating an area of magnetic field. This in turn triggers the nerve cells located in the brain. To carry out this study Dr. Yousuf selected around 43 people suffering from migraine.

Each patient was asked to trigger the back of their head with the pulses of this device as soon as an aura struck them initially. More than 3/4th of the group reported to have no headache or extremely mild headache within two hours of the activity.

Mr. Yousuf Mohammad is soon to commence this study on a much larger scale involving ten medical centres and more than 210 patients.

There was another study conducted for the same purpose where scientists inferred that Topamax, generally known as topiramate, the anti-seizure medicine also gave some relief to the people who suffered from migraine attacks almost on a daily basis.

This drug has been granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration. It has however, not been researched upon for people having chronic migraine attacks everyday.

Around 4 percent of adults in the USA suffer from migraine attacks on a chronic daily basis.

A random selection of 300 people was made to conduct a research of using Topamax for four months. This was sponsored by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals, who have invented this drug.

More than 41 percent of the subjects reported to have benefited from the tests. The intensity of their headaches also had drooped down. However, some of them experienced some side-effects as well, like numbness or tingling sensation in their hands or legs.

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