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Study Shows Acupuncture To Be Very Effective Against Migraine

study-shows-acupuncture-to-be-very-effective-against-migraineEveryone who suffers from migraines knows how bad they can be and how they can be extremely painful and debilitating.

However, recent research has seen good results from an ancient treatment, acupuncture.

Recently, a group of thirty-one studies published in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia have shown that acupuncture has been more effective in treating migraines that medications and placebos. It has been shown to make migraines less intense, less frequent and not so debilitating.

There are five main reasons why acupuncture works for treating migraines and these reasons are what makes it so effective. Acupuncture has been used for over two millennia by physicians and studied by scholars. Acupuncture basically works by regulating the nervous system which in turn leads to a relief of pain.

The studies have reported that acupuncture regulates certain areas of the brain that are acting as pain centers. An FMRI scan recently showed that acupuncture can change the way that the brain understands and reports pain and regulates those pain centers that are in control of the pain. In this way, acupuncture simply changes the way we see pain.

Acupuncture also serves to correct the imbalances in the body. The body heals itself quite effectively but when there is an imbalance in this process it can cause pain and illness. When this imbalance is corrected again, the diagnosis should be set based on your specific symptoms. Healing will only take place effectively once this balance is addressed.

Medicine diagnoses from China report that the treatment needs to be based on the very specific needs of the individual as the symptoms and causes of migraines vary greatly. In this respect for example, women often have migraines in relation to their periods so specific symptoms and causes of this will be addressed in the individual’s diagnosis.

Acupuncture is very relaxing for the mind and many people who have been treated in this way report a lasting effect. Treatment helps to calm you and improve your ability in dealing with stress.

This type of treatment also relaxes the body and the muscles that have been tense due to their reaction to pain. This tenseness disturbs the blood flow to the brain which is one of the main causes of migraines in the first place. Acupuncture puts a halt to this tension by relaxing the body.

Also stimulated by acupuncture is the freeing of neurotransmitters which serve to relax the body and lower the amount of pain experienced.

The specific treatment of acupuncture depends partly on an accurate scientific diagnosis. With a combination of Chinese medical massages and acupressure, greater results will be achieved and a better sense of relaxation will follow. Most patients experience relief within a few weeks of regular visits.

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