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Feverfew Herb For Migraine

feverfew-herb-for-migrainePerhaps the most common natural remedy for the prevention of headaches and migraines is the feverfew herb.

For sufferers, migraines can be very common and are often not easy to treat. Since the conventional treatments for migraine are, for most sufferers, not effective or completely unsuccessful, many people have turned to exploring the world of alternative treatments.

Studies have proven that feverfew is an effective natural remedy, something that the herbalists already knew, in treating the symptoms and stopping the onset of migraine headaches.

Although the herb has been used for a great deal of time throughout history for the treatment of headaches, the popularity of the natural remedy started to decline with the coming of modern medicine.

In recent times, however, feverfew, has enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence when sufferers started to chew feverfew leaves a few times a day and reported significant decreases in the pain and frequency associated with migraine headaches. Since then, several studies have proven it to be an effective form of treatment.

Experts then agreed to test the powers of feverfew and found that those who had been suffering from migraines for years having found that all the other treatments had failed were cured. To give some statistics, out of a study of almost three-hundred patients, seventy percent reported a very significant improvement after taking feverfew.

In addition, researchers of the London City Migraine Clinic made a study, which, reported in the British Medical Journal, investigated seventeen patients who had been using the herb to treat their symptoms for a minimum of three months. Of these patients, all of them were told to stop using the herb with eight of them being given a feverfew capsule and nine of them being given a placebo.

The patients who received a placebo reported an increase in the intensity and frequency of their migraine headaches while those who took the feverfew noticed no rise worsening of these symptoms.

A great deal of other studies have since taken place to prove that feverfew works in treating the symptoms of migraine headaches. People who took the drug also reported no significant side effects.

The herb also has other properties such as anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or aspirin. One of the contents of the herb, parthenolide, is also an inhibitor for the forming of compounds, which cause inflammation. Parthenolide also reduces the secretory activity in blood platelets and the white blood cells.

The reason feverfew helps is because migraines are commonly associated with abnormal behavior of platelets and the release of serotonin. Serotonin constricts the blood vessels, which in turn lead to migraine headaches.

The herb is now finally recognized by governments in Canada and the UK as an effective migraine treatment and is now commonly prescribed by doctors. The increase in herbal remedies as a whole is now rising in profession

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