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Treating Abdominal Migraine

treating-abdominal-migraineJust like migraine headaches most treatments for abdominal migraines are targeted towards prevention rather than immediate treatment.

Because once it starts most treatment are not as effective as expected. Generally triptans that are used to treat migraines are not used for treating abdominal migraines.

Just like migraines the abdominal migraines are triggered by certain factors. These triggers destabilise the chemical composition that cause the neurotransmitters to send signals to the brain that cause pain. The triggers include watching television, eating undesirable food, flashing lights etc.

Generally when the migraine onsets, lying down and resting could help to ease the pain. Normal paracetamol or ibuprofen could help alleviate the pain. However the treatment for children may differ.

For children with abdominal migraines anti inflammatory drugs are also given as the medication used to alleviate the pain are too powerful for the children. To minimize the side effects anti inflammatory drug are given.

In cases of frequently recurring abdominal migraines the patients should undertake a long term treatment which could last for six months or more. Cyproheptadine, propanolol, fluoxetine are a few drugs that could be used for long term treatments.

But long term treatments mostly involve in avoiding the triggers. When these triggers are avoided for a long time the patient may not experience the migraine in the long term. But when the trigger is encountered after a long time the effects could be severe.

The best treatments for abdominal migraines are to prevent it. Follow dieting habits and make sure you avoid allergy reacting foods. Some people may develop sensitivity to light and sound should take care of themselves by avoiding over exposure to light and sound.

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