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Treating Abdominal Migraine In Children

treating-abdominal-migraine-in-childrenThe treatment for children with migraine is more complicated than treating adults having a migraine as children are very sensitive to drugs. Extra care should be taken while recommending drugs for children.

Only heavy doses of certain drugs are effective on migraine patients but these doses should be analyzed before administering it to young children as it may trigger some dangerous side effects that could be harmful to them.

Other medications are recommended for the children so they should have fewer side effects and additional medications are used to prevent their gastrointestinal tract from being affected by the heavy dosage of these migraine medicines.

The American Academy of Neurology Quality Standards Subcommittee and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society set out to review evidence on pharmacologic treatment of children and adolescents with Migraine disease, analyze that evidence, and establish treatment guidelines.

The team identified and reviewed around 166 articles and generated a report from the information that they got from these articles. The report chalked out a set of recommended usage of drug in cases of acute migraine patients.

The report stated that ibuprofen is an effective drug for acute attacks in children above the age of 6. Acetaminophen is another drug that is as effective as ibuprofen and is recommended by most doctors for acute attacks.

Sumatriptan (Imitrex / Imigran) nasal spray is a triptan that used in treatment of migraines. It is effective and should be used for treating acute attacks in children above 12 years. Sumatriptan is largely available as injection, but doctors recommend nasal spray for children.

Because there is a risk of children getting high doses which to be lethal to them.

The report showed no information of using any other form of triptan.

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