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Diagnosis Of Abdominal Migraine

diagnosis-of-abdominal-migraineDiagnosis of Abdominal Migraine cannot be done in an easy way, as unfortunately there is no explicit test for it. The diagnosis is carried out by careful analysis of patient’s history and also scans will help to cast a clearer light on the symptoms, which occur due to abdominal migraine. This should be done very carefully.

The symptoms are very clear. There is repeated pain in the abdomen. The trouble is mainly in the abdomen, may be close to umbilicus, or in the upper abdomen which may last for hours with some relaxation time in between. The migraine is often due to some family background, may be due to your mothers genes.

EEG (Electro-EncephaloGraphy) is a brain wave scan that shows the blueprints implicating epilepsy.

VER (Visual Evoked Response) is a test, which by showing red and white flashes of light gives an additional proof of presence of abdominal migraine in a child. A fast wave form response to flashing light is seen in children with abdominal migraine than the normal children.

Apart from the above tests, it is also worth conducting the primary tests that will reassert that the case of a child or of a grownup’s continual barfing/burping and pain in abdomen isn’t a very dangerous and possibly a deadly situation such as the bowel obstruction or any infection

The diagnosis should be done correctly, as the symptoms may mimic other gastrointestinal disorders.

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