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Zelrix for migraine headaches

Zelrix for migraine headaches

Zelrix for migraine headaches

Zelrix is the new drug by the drug company NuPathe, and with one of its latest study drugs it has achieved excellent success for the treatment of migraine headaches. The trial went on for a period of one year and assess the long-term safety of the Zelrix patch. The study involves nearly 500 patients and each one of them at some point during the year use the patch. Of the 500 patients involved only for suffered from triptan sensations such as flushing and chest tightness.

The chief science officer of the trial is Dr Mark Pearce, and he has said of the results, “For the treatment of this drug we have involved over 800 patients now you have used over 10,000 patches. The clinical data from the trial has shown that an incredibly low rate of patients are suffering side-effects.”

Zeltrix is a patch which uses sumatriptan to treat migraines. Sumatriptan is a commonly used drug for the treatment of migraine but normally is taken orally. This patch means that it can provide a sustained-release in a very quick time. This can include the relief of headache pain but also nausea that is caused by the migraine, and help reduce any sensitivity to sound and light.

NuPathe said its patch technology is more efficient than traditional orally-administered medication, as it by-passes the gastrointestinal tract, which slows during a migraine attack.

The results of the study will go toward fulfilling the recommendations made in the Complete Response Letter provided to NuPathe by the FDA in late August 2011, following the company’s original new drug application (NDA).

The letter addressed certain chemistry, manufacturing and safety questions, though NuPathe did not specify.

NuPathe CEO Jane Hollingsworth said: “Based on the extensive clinical data from our entire Phase III clinical program, we believe that our patch will provide a valuable new treatment option that is particularly well-suited for the millions of migraine patients who suffer from debilitating migraine-related nausea along with their headache pain. We plan to present detailed results from the NP101-009 trial at an upcoming scientific meeting.”

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