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GelStat migraine relief medication

GelStat migraine relief medication

GelStat migraine relief medication

There is a new migraine relief medication that has recently become available without prescription and has become very popular with people who suffer from the condition. The medication becomes effective very quickly and brings many benefits to the sufferer, it also has no side effects. The tablet allows for its active ingredients to be absorbed into the body very quickly as the tablet is consumed sublingually – it is placed under the tongue. This is a very fast way to administer medication as there are many blood vessels in the region.

The tablet is absorbed by the body at a much faster pace than medication that is swallowed. Studies have shown that instead of taking the hour that traditional medicines take, this pill takes less than ten minutes to enter the system. Taking the pill sublingally also means that the first pass effect is avoided where some of the active ingredient is destroyed in the intestines. The cause of migraines is still largely unknown and they are mostly suffered by people aged ten to forty, generally they are caused by environmental factors, stress, or certain food types.

The active ingredients of this medication are Feverfew (3X) and Ginger (2X) and the inactive ingredients comprise potassium sorbate, purified water, ascorbic acid, silicon dioxide, sorbitol, glycerin, maltodextrin, and xanthan gum. The sublingual administration and the effective natural ingredients of the migraine relief tablet ensure quicker relief.

Says a migraine sufferer, I didnt encounter any side effects while using GelStat migraine relief medication and it not only offers the maximum strength to continue working without much delay but also offers faster relief.

GelStat is a company which develops and markets innovative over-the-counter (OTC) consumer healthcare products.

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