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Ontario Migraine Clinic free acupuncture offer for teachers

ontarioAcupuncture is a medical technique that has come from traditional Chinese medicine and is becoming an accepted treatment for certain conditions by the medical community. From January next year the Ontario Migraine Clinic, in Canada, will be offering teachers in the area free treatment up to the value of $300.

The clinic does not just treat migraine however, and teachers will also be able to use the money to buy treatments for sciatica, strain injuries, skin conditions, anxiety, and other common health issues. To see a complete list of the various conditions that the clinic can treat, simply pay a visit to their website at:

In Canada, teachers are generally well looked after by their employers, but acupuncture is not usually a part of the treatments that they can seek without having to pay for out of their own pockets. Brendan Cleary runs the clinic and wants to help teachers by offering them discounted acupuncture treatments.

The $300 is also being offered to members of the teachers’ immediate family, and still does not need to be used only to purchase a migraine treatment. The clinic was started in 1999 and uses acupuncture to treat a great many conditions. Cleary has been awarded the Star of Asia, which recognises a contribution to complimentary medicine. He is the first person in the US to receive this award. If you are interested to find out more about the clinic and the work they do with acupuncture,  you can visit their website at:

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