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Stimpath Procedure for migraine

A new and exciting treatment for the debilitating headach known as migraine has been profiled on the 33 CW news on KDAF TV. The treatment, known as the ‘Stimpath Procedure’ was introduced by its creator, the renowned pain specialist from Dallas Texas Dr Ken Reed. Appearing on the show alongside Dr Reed was a young woman called Kimberley Rutherford, whose life had been so controlled by migraines that she had been unable to attend school and couldn’t hold down a job.

Kimberley spoke of her frustration and anger that her migraines were stopping her from leading a full life and robbing her of her independence. When she met Dr Reed and underwent the ‘Stimpath Procedure’ her life changed more dramatically than she could ever imagine.

Dr Reed, along with his associate Dr Kelly Will were recently presented with the prestigious Cephalalgia award, given by the International Headache Society for their ground breaking research. The ‘Stimpath Procedure’ works by stimulating both the Occipital and Supraorbital nerves, something never successfully achieved before.

The Physicians have joined forces with Ascendant Neuro, a company based in Dallas that who serves as an advocate for those individuals who suffer both chronic and debilitating pain, to make this treatment more accessible to patients. The first step is a trial run of the ‘Stimpath Procedure’ where the neuro stimulator is place externally to ensure that the procedure is effectively relieving their pain.

If successful, small wires are then implanted under the skin and are undetectable, and deliver neuro stimulation, or electrical impulses, straight to the nerves which are causing the headache. Dr Reed said that they have seen remarkable results, and patients who had the worst kind of debilitating migraine who hadn’t responded to other treatments were now enjoying long term relief thanks to the ‘Stimpath Procedure’.

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