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How to treat migraines in young children

One of the biggest dilemmas facing parents today is knowing whether it is safe to give a sick child medicine which is meant for adults. It is a common concern particularly when it comes to young children who suffer from illnesses such as migraines on a regular basis.

Suffering from migraines is painful enough for most adults but in the vast majority of cases can be eased with a couple of pain killers and a lie down in the dark.

However, it is understandable parents are reluctant to give a child a pain killer when it says on the box do not give to children under 12. There are over the counter medicines which can be given such as Tylenol which is non-steroidal and anti inflammatory but check with your doctor first.

Doctors will always say prevention is better than a cure and in the case of migraines in children this is certainly true. So make sure your child has plenty of sleep and rest and ensure a healthy diet.

Migraines tend to be closely related to chemicals in certain foods. One is nitrates, which is found in many popular kids’ foods like lunch meats, hot dogs and packaged meals.

The other is monosodium glutamate, or MSG. This is added flavouring which is found in chips and gelatins. For many people who suffer from migraines, this is highly toxic and will spark a migraine attack.

There are so many factors that can spark a migraine attack that is it not always possible to find out what the underlying problem is particularly as children sometimes have trouble in describing the sort of pain they are suffering from and the exact location of the pain.

But follow the simple advice here, talk to a board certified pediatric neurologist and have your child properly diagnosed. Hopefully the problems will become a worry of the past.

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