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Different ways of dealing with migraine

migraineHeadaches occur in everyone. Normally the pain is suppressed using non-prescribed drugs obtained from the pharmacy. While the pain may be alleviated by drugs, the primary reason for the pain is not attended to and may produce unwanted symptoms.

Body utilises pain as a method of communicating problems, thereby using drugs to alleviate pain only clouds our sensations.

A healthier approach is to understand over time what the body is communicating and attend to the root cause of the headache. Tension headaches occur because of strains to the back, muscles of the shoulder and to the base of the skull. Six stages to minimise or eliminate tension headache pains are shown below:

  1. Move away from the computer, locate in a comfortable area and shut the eyes slowly. Inhale deeply and release a lengthy sigh as your shoulders fall. Carry out this step 3 or 4 times.
  1. Concentrate and alleviate tensions of the upper part of the body. Use couple seconds and relax the facial muscles. Move upper part of the head back, continuing this as you work down through the lower part of head, the base of the skull, the shoulders and finishing at the back.
  1. At the neck below the base of the skull, identify GB-20 on both sides of the spinal cord. Push tightly using the thumb for 2 minutes, while relaxing and breathing deeply and gently.
  1. Clutch the neck using 4 fingers on one side of the neck and the palm on the other side. Starting from the upper neck clutch strongly and release couple times, before moving downwards a finger thickness and repeating process. Continue massaging till the lower neck and repeat up to 10 times. Change hands on tiring.
  1. Identify GB-21 on upper shoulder; midway between spine and external shoulder edge. Using clutching method, massage around GB-21 with opposite arm up to a minute. Muscles will feel sore due to being tensed, ensure during the exercise gentle breathing and relaxed state.
  1. Move shoulders in a large forward circular motion for stretching and relaxing tension left in the body. Move shoulders up to 10 times, and repeat in the backwards direction. Ensure smooth breathing and relaxation. Finish by rotating the head in clockwise and anticlockwise directions up to 10 times.

Headache ought to be minimised or alleviated, however the process can be repeated after a short break. Carry out stages for twice the duration while breathing deeply and gently. Make attempt to notice tensions held in the body and release it.

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