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Surgery may be the cure for migraine

auraA new study at Case Western Reserve University proves surgery a viable treatment to turn off migraine headaches and that this technique holds true for up to 5 years for as many as 90% of the patients treated by it. These patients have at least partial relief from the migraines, thanks to the surgery, while as many as 30% completely lost their migraines.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron of the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University headed up the study. Dr. Guyuron invented this technique as a plastic surgeon observing his patients who having had cosmetic surgery would also experience reductions in headaches.

The locations of certain activators in the nerves and muscles are targeted with this surgery to disable their effects on migraines. If the headaches occur in the frontal head, then a forehead-lift operation might cause them to vanish. The specific kind of surgery is tailored to the kind of headache.

A preliminary test is administered to potential surgery candidates to locate the precise place of the headache trigger, using Botox (botulinum toxin A). Normally, two places surface as the triggers for the headaches.

In the study, 69 people were observed over a period of five years for disability, migraine pain, and quality of life. Optimistic, non-temporary results were shown in 88% of those studied. Of these, 29% were completely relieved of their headaches, while 59% experienced a large relief.

Migraine experiences trailed off post-surgery from 11 to 4 per month, and the length of attacks dropped from 34 to 8 hours.

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