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Pain killers can be bad for headaches

pillA new study conducted by the HUCH Pain Clinic found that most people who suffer from headaches in Finland take too many painkillers, which actually is counterproductive as it leads to even worse headaches down the road.  Instead, the research team is looking for another way outside of medication to help cure the pain of a headache once the medication ceases to help

According to study neurologist and leader Hanna Harno from the clinic about 80% of those who suffer from chronic headaches are too quick to take another pill.  A headache is considered to be chronic if it continues to last for at least 15 out of thirty days of the month.  Many times tension headaches or migraines can be the reason for chronic headaches which will not be cured by painkillers even if they do help reduce the amount of pain you feel for a few hours.

The study points out that when painkillers are taken regularly they only eventually lead to more headaches trapping a person in a circle that they will never get out of unless they stop.  Medically it is only advisable to take painkillers for 15 days per month and migraine medication should only be used for ten days at the max.

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