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Botox may not be helpful for migraine

botoxWhile Botox has indeed been the subject of a license to cure migraines, recent studies indicate it is on insignificant aid in dealing with chronic migraines.

One study of 1,300 sufferers of chronic migraine did suggest Botox might help reduce the quantity and severity of headaches, but there is a dispute over these findings, headed up by the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin.

The discrepancy arose when 10% of those studied actually experience aggravation of their problems.

There is only trivial evidence for Botox injections altering the course of migraines, according to The Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin. On the other hand, Migraine Action stands firm on their position that Potox must be kept available to those who need it and who benefit from it.

Lee Tomkins, Director of Migraine Action, argued that Botox treatments could continue to improve the number of people supported in their fight against severe migraines. He went on to say that these people need all the help they can get to positively manage the effects on their lives that migraines prove. While he admitted that chronic migraines have no absolute cure, those tormented by migraines deserve any new advances that might arise.

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